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Rules to Live Life By

  1. You never remember the routine - Always take the chance and do something new
  2. Donít have to practice to worry - Take life as it comes, don't work about everything that may or may not happen

  3. Attack your problems - It gets them taken care of faster and over with easier

  4. Everyone has something to offer - listen to people and ask questions

  5. If you trip on something often, move it.  If you are dealing with a minor annoyance often like a sticky drawer, not enough room in a cabinet so you have to push your pans in, then take out the thing you never use in the very back.


Happy Media

I was reading the paper looking for any happy news in the world, and came to the realization that good news must not sell because the major papers hardly report any of it.  When they do they try to display the news in a negative light.  While reading a local newspaper I made it almost through the whole front section with out one positive article till a story on the middle east peace talks caught my eye.  The article was titled something like peace talks resume, but the story began "after massive bloodshed in the area..". 

    Do they really need to make everything negative to sell?




V for Vegetarian

I have stopped eating any animal products for a decade now - that I know of.  It is really hard to know for sure what we ingest when we go to restaurants.

There needs to be a way for consumers to know if a product contains any animal products.  Vegan.org has their own certification but it seems to promotes themselves more than the cause.  A simple V for vegetation should be adopted for use in restaurant menus.

Then the McDonalds who server beef french-fries and the Wendy's who have animal products in their veggie wrap sauce could plainly omit the V

How to fix Star Trek

The new Star Treks have almost alienated everyone; Trekies with the constant reruns, the casual viewer with a season long story line and prohibitive of understanding of single episodes, males with one in three shows being too mushy, females with one in three having too much action

How Star Trek should be fixed

  • Target Audience, focus on science fiction
  • Stop going back in time to earth
  • Destroy something every week
  • Self contain the episodes
  • Stop the reruns during the season. Shorten the season if you have too, or throw a filler show in


The opinions expressed are my own, if you don't like them there are one billion other pages you can go to

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