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Welcome to the Puppy Page!  Below are pictures of my children and those of my family and friends.

Here is all my gang.  Fudge is singing, and notice Touché wincing at the awful sound.  Lucy couldn't care less

I took them to get their portrait taken once

This was the only good picture out of many-many takes

Most of the other proofs had but blurs of puppies jumping away, or of my hands quickly getting out of the way from holding them

This is Fudge! 

She is a good girl. She's a nine year old Cockapoo


Fudges' favorite game is steal the raw hide bone.  What she does is go by the window and bark at the mailbox, the other two dogs will then drop their bones to investigate the disturbance.  Fudge will then run around to the vacated bone.

Our baby needs a nap.

Touché' & Lucy

Touché is a 2 year old parti-poodle.

He is a pretty good guy.

Lucy is a Dachshund.  She is a very sensitive little thing, very hard headed!  She is house broken unless there is something blocking her way to the outside - like a shoe or leaf.


Lucy likes to sleep under the covers or under the paper but would much prefer a warm lap

Why did I get this MONSTER?

Mini-Dachshund's are very head strong, or hard headed

For the first couple of years you will ask you self, why did I get this monster?


Crate training doesn't work on them but will limit the mess you have to clean up

If you can't see them, their doing something bad


If you have a view, pick them up because they want to see also

Tired little guy

Bee is a golden retriever.  She's a pretty girl.

This is Peppers (top) and Cuddles (bottom)

They are sibling pekapoos

Cuddles is a girl and Peppers is a boy

Confused Cuddles?

What a face.

Mad Dog Peppers