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Riverbend pools built me a really nice pool.  I'm not really satisfied with the work they did and the promises they broke

My problems with Riverbend Pools - Plano, Texas 9/2001

Why am I complaining?  Because when the foreman Mark and I were to go over our punch list he didn't show up after I took off of work.  After not hearing any thing from Riverbend for a month now, they were to call and send me to "pool school" so I would know how to take care of my new investment - they didn't.  My wife and I started getting sick after swimming about two weeks after the pool was finished.  I called a friend over to show me how to test the waters.  He said the chemicals were so out of balance it was unsafe to swim!

The person who referred me to Riverbend has yet to receive his referral money.

What I wanted Riverbend to do.

What is sad is out of all the quotes I received, Riverbend was the highest.  But when I talked to people about different companies Riverbend was again and again said to be the best in the Dallas metroplex.  -why do I think they screwing me?

This page was put up so the staff at Riverbend could see my displeasure and have the chance to make amends- it is not to late to make me a happy customer.

October 4, 2001

Well Riverbend did contact me and sent out a superintendent Gene to talk to me.  See below for updated results

October 12, 2001

Gene called me to tell me they were all done. The October 12 column shows what they did.

I have called several times to his voicemail number he gave me but it is not working.  I have emailed him and have not gotten a response.

October 16, 2001

I got a chain letter from their chairman asking telling me about the customer satisfaction survey they sent out - I never received one.

October 22,2001

I sent their president a letter stating my unhappiness with their company.

November 1, 2001

I received a check for the gutter and the sub-panel repair.

April, 2002

Sent a complaint to the Dallas Better Business Bureau concerning the referral money

May, 2002

Riverbend sent a gift certificate good for any product or service. I thought I remember it being money. They tried.

June, 2002

The pump went out, I called Riverbend Wednesday morning, and they fixed it Monday morning


Click on the picture for a larger view


Ahappy Not Happy The vote is still out

October 4, 2001

What they agreed to do

October 12, 2001

 Riverbend called and said they are  completed

6 4 2

There is an 8" step out of the back door.

There is rebar sticking out.


Riverbend agreed to build a 18" step. They did build a utilitarian step out of concrete.

I'll post a picture soon

I'm sort of happy


The brick is now cracked


Riverbend agreed to fix the brick

They did a good job fixing the brick

I'm happy


Look at this 2' pipe sticking out of the ground.

Notice the lean?

Riverbend agreed to fix the pipe.


Take a look at Riverbends' patch job.  When I complained they didn't respond for weeks.  I called and gave them an estimate from a reputable source; they sent me a check with no explanation.

I'm happy


The edging is torn up.

There are ruts in the ground where they didn't fill in the trench well.


Riverbend agreed to fix the edging.

Do you want to guess how they fixed the edging?

Go ahead, you will never get it. . . . . . .

They dug the edging out!


I'm not happy


The electricians they hired covered the only working plug in the back yard.  They said I could use the plug around the side of the house about 20' away.

I had problems with the electricians from the start.  They would call my home number (I think they knew I was not there so they would get my answering machine) and tell me they were coming the next day (my boss loved when I had to take off with no notice)  On one such occasion I took off, and waited, and waited.  Then when I called them as to where they were I was told they had completed what they needed to do and didn't need inside.

I had more problems with the electricians, see below.

They did offer to move the plug but I would get another pipe.  I have seen their pipe work and declined

I replaced the plug myself



Notice the big electric pole, it's hard to miss.  The electricians mounted it into the bricks not the mortar, even I know better then that.  Look how it bends at the top.

Riverbend would do nothing for the pole.

I am looking at bring it inside the house myself


I'm not happy


Take a look at the sub-panel they installed.  First it has no door, and they busted in the sheetrock around it.  When I complained they were nice enough to give me the name of someone who I could call and pay to have it fixed.

Riverbend agreed to reimburse me for fixing the drywall.

The drywall person came and did good job repairing.  Now if Riverbend will reimburse me I'll be happy.

November 1, 2001

I got a check

I'm happy


Look at the foundation!

This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!  Why would they do this?  The salesman told me I would need a grade (I took to be a slope) so I would not have to get a retaining wall.   Well I still had to have a 18" wall built which cost me an extra thousand bucks.

I want this tiled over.

Riverbend says they have done this on numerous occasions, and I should put a planter to cover it up.  When I suggested tile I was told that was a bad idea because it would fall off.


I went to a tile store and was assured that tiling would not be a problem.  I'm getting a quote.

I'm not happy


I was assured by the tile place tiling the exposed concrete would not be a problem.  I am still working on a quote for porcelain tile.


My neighbors love the big pipe in my front yard.  Now when people look for my house I can give them a big landmark to look for.

Riverbend says the pipe is here to stay.

It's a feature - because of the easy access

Get a big rock

I'm not happy


Like my cover up job of the pipe?

It will have to do till I get a chance to redo the flower bed


I'm not happy

Where is my Kreepy Krawler connection?

I told the salesman on multiple occasions to install a line for a Kreepy Krawler and was assured it would be done without charge.  I was really happy-now I'm not.

As it didn't make it into the contract then I must have made it up.

Riverbend will do nothing


I'm not happy

Pool School They did offer to send me to pool school, I declined because I have already been shown how by a friend.  I did ask for the test kit that came with pool school, and was told I would receive it.

I did get the test kit.

I'm happy



Where is the referral money to the person who hooked me up with Riverbend?  

After reporting the issue to the Dallas Better Business Bureau the referral money was paid (by a gift certificate)

I'm happy



What I want Riverbend to Do

  1. Tile the exposed foundation
  2. Step built out of the back door
  3. Repair brick by back door
  4. Repair the edging
  5. Fill the holes in the trench
  6. Hide the big pipe in the front yard by modifying the flowerbed
  7. Lower and straighten the down spout pipe
  8. Replace edging
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