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My picks for Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dallas

Suma's Veggie Cafe

800 E. Arapaho Road, Richardson, 972-889-8598

Do you ever go to a Chinese restaurant and fear ordering something because you're not sure what it is made of, and don't want to accidentally order yak tongue! This problem is solved at Suma's where everything on the menu is meat free. Though the categories are what you would expect of a typical Chinese restaurant, fish, beef, pork, etc., each of the ingredients has absolutely no meat.  The food is always fresh and served piping-hot.  It is hard not to visit when the owner is not there and it is evident the pride he takes in his food.

Veggie Garden

Ruchi Palace Indian

Great buffett

Madra's Pavilian

Blue Masa

Papa Johns



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This page last updated October 28, 2003