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  I'm at that stage where if a company does something I don't like I let them know, giving them a chance to correct their ways.  This page was prior just for the ranting, now I also want to give credit to the businesses who I have witnessed doing good, having ethics, who want to do something positive and not just make money.   

Good Companies

Boycotted Companies

Master Lock - lifetime warranty and they even sent me a check to pay for my postage McDonalds - Beef in the french-fries?  Let me get this straight, after the book Fast Food Nation  was released that exposed McDonalds use of beef seasoning in their fry production McDonalds admitted they did indeed add the flavoring.  It makes me wonder if it was not purposely done so the clerks could have deniability when asked if their fry's had animal products. 
Google - "Do no Evil" Wendy's - Remember a few yeas back when they served the Veggie-Wrap?  Well I remember too well that the sauce in the wrap contained animal products.  When exposed Wendy's didn't pull the sauce from the shelf like a responsible corporation they elected to sell out of their stock.  Wendy's response was - "we never claimed it (the Veggie-Wrap) was vegetarian"
Bobs Candy - I bought a bad batch of their mints and sent them a letter.  They personally responded in kind and  Riverbend Pools (Plano, TX) - I have a lot to say about the bad service I think they gave me.  Click here to learn more
Starbucks - fair price to farmers, insurance to all their employees.  they do create a lot of waist with their disposable cups.  American Airlines - They just don't care about the passenger anymore.  Make them wait then shove them it is their motto.  Have you seen how much packaging they waist on meals, and 48 hours for a vegetarian meal? 
  THE TOXIC 100: Top Corporate Air Polluters in the United States





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